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Fencing Services in the Farnham Area

Fencing Services in the Farnham Area

Fencing Services provided by Regent Fencing

Regent Fencing – Your local fencing contractor in the Farnham area

Providing fencing services within 20 mile radius of Farnborough

If you need a new fence erecting, new garden gates or just need a fence patched up, repaired, extended or even heightened give Regent a ring on 01252 235766

All types of fencing work undertaken from small picket fences, featherboard fencing, larch-lap fencing panels, slatted fence panels, etc.

Can supply all fencing and materials, price up a fencing job or just come and work fitting your materials on day rate.

Commercial and domestic work throughout the Farnham area Fencing work provided within 20 mile radius of Farnborough

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Close-board / Featherboard Fencing:

A strong, solid fence constructed with overlapping vertical feather-edge wooden boards. This type of fencing is commonly used in back gardens – it’s a medium budget option, neat and attractive, offering good privacy and providing some shelter from wind and frost to delicate shrubs.

Larch-Lap Panel Fencing:

A budget-friendly option that is made up of horizontal slats of wood. It is a great option for those who want to create a more rustic look in their garden.

Timber Palisade / Picket Fencing:

A traditional style of fencing that is made up of vertical wooden boards that are spaced apart. This type of fencing is great for creating a boundary around your garden without blocking out too much light.

Slatted Fence Panels:

A modern style of fencing that is made up of horizontal slats of wood. This type of fencing is great for creating a contemporary look in your garden.

Hit & Miss Fencing:

A fence constructed with alternating vertical boards on either side of the fence rail. This type of fencing is great for creating a more open feel in your garden while still providing privacy.

Fencing is an important element in landscaping. At Regent Landscaping we understand the diverse range of fencing options available, and their application is essential for creating outdoor spaces that are both visually appealing and functional.

Close board fencing, also known as feather edge fencing, is a sturdy and traditional choice. Comprising vertical feather edge boards fixed to horizontal arris tails and posts, it provides excellent privacy and longevity. Close board fencing is ideal for residential properties, creating secure and private boundaries, and leading a timeless charm to gardens.

Picket fencing boasts evenly spaced, slender, and pointed vertical boards attached to horizontal rails. It creates a classic and welcoming vibe, making it an excellent choice for front gardens. Picket fencing is ideal for defining your front garden boundary, enhancing curb appeal.

Panel fencing is available in various styles, including lap panels and decorative panels. These pre-built sections offer affordability and ease of installation. Panel fencing is ideal for quickly establishing property boundaries, adding privacy, and contributing to a neat and modern look in both urban and rural areas.

Trellis fencing incorporates vertical and horizontal lattice patterns, allowing for climbing plants to flourish. Trellis fencing is ideal for enhancing garden aesthetics, supporting vertical gardening, and providing semi private boundaries with a touch of sophistications.

Metal fencing, including iron and steel options, offers durability and security. These fences can be customized with various designs and finishes. Metal fencing is ideal for enhancing security for commercial properties, adding a touch of luxury to upscale homes, and maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.

Fencing is a critical aspect of landscaping, shaping the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces. Tailoring the right fencing solution to your landscaping project is crucial, as it can significantly impact the overall design and purpose of the space.

Emergency Fence Repairs

For informaion on our fence repair and fence reinforcing services see Emergency Fence Repairs section